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Check to see what these guys are up to. 
George Tomsco is a super guitar picker!


The best Classic Rock band in the Southwest!




Huelyn "keeps on rockin" with authentic Rockabilly.  His latest CD will show you how it's done!


The most interesting collection of Rock n' Roll photographs I have ever seen.  Thanks Alan!


Bobby has been called "One of America's best guitar players".  Whoever said that was right!  You must get a copy of his latest CD.


Check out Pat Woertink's website



John Rook was a close friend of Eddie.  Check out his Web Page.


This is the place to look!!




Freeborn County Museum

Located in Albert Lea, the museum has an interesting Eddie Cochran exhibit.  Some of the information used in my research project was obtained there.

The Rock Site Links to other Eddie Cochran sites and other good stuff!
The Ware Webcam

This has nothing to do with Eddie Cochran!  The live webcam shows whatís happening on High Street in Ware, Hertfordshire, England.  I was born just a few miles from there!  Click on the link to their home page for something a little different.

Paul Vidal's Website

If you love Rock n' Roll, you'll love this website.  Eddie Cochran is on there, but you would be remiss if you didn't check everything out!

Tom Simon's Rock N' Roll Page

A great reference for Rock ní Roll fans.  Here you will find profiles of all your favorite artists, including Eddie Cochran.  It must have taken forever to do all the research! Good job, Tom!


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