The Darliene Apartments
Eddie's Home Before Moving To California!


According to legend / history, in 1953 the Cochrans loaded up the family car and left Albert Lea, Minnesota for Bell Gardens, California.  This is simply not true!  Before the move to Bell Gardens, the Cochrans returned to Oklahoma City.  Later, the economy lured them to California.  During this period, Eddie lived in Apartment # 6 at the Darliene Apartments, 215 N.W. 4th Street in Oklahoma City.  For a detailed account, refer to the Documentary Page.

The Apartments were demolished in 1965 and in 1977, the Alfred P. Murrah Building was built on the block where they once stood.  On April 19, 1995 the Murrah Building forever became part of history when it was the target of a terrorist bombing where 168 people lost their lives. Today, fragments of the Murrah Building remain as part of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.


Looking toward the north/northwest, this 1940's post card view clearly shows the Darliene Apartments.  The entire block on which the apartments were built later became the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Building.


This 1962 photograph shows the Darliene Apartments from another perspective.  





The remains of the Alfred P. Murrah Building are now part of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  This view was taken from Fourth Street looking toward the northwest.  The red arrow points to the former location of the Darliene Apartments.


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