Bobby Cochran
Special thanks to Bobby Cochran for all of his help on this project!  I couldn’t have done it without him!  Check out Bobby’s website  [click here]


Eddie’s Cousins
Names withheld by request.  These two ladies are the daughters of Eddie’s aunt Trella Faye Hallmark. They have both lived in Oklahoma City all of their lives and recall seeing Eddie on many occasions.  They supplied me with a wealth of information!


John Rook
John was Eddie's close friend.  He provided me with some valuable information that appears in my research documentary.  Thanks John!     Check out John's website. [click here]


Alan Clark
Alan is a great guy who has done just about everything I hope to do someday!  Some of his pictures appear on this site with his kind permission. [click here]


Freeborn County Museum
Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Freeborn County Museum.  We communicated by telephone, e-mail, and snail mail!  I got to meet them when I visited Albert Lea in August, 2000.


Oklahoma Historical Society Museum
A great place for research information! 

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